Me and my fiancée, Glauce ♥
Me and my fiancée, Glauce ♥

Hi! I’m Yuiti (that’s my japanese name), I’m a web designer + developer and game developer lv. 1 based in São Paulo, Brazil.

I’ve a B.A. in Advertising and I did work in an agency for a while, but ended up falling down the coder path, even though I’m not that much of a coder anyway.

Been working with web (HTML, JS, PHP) as a freelancer for quite a while now (almost 9 years), had a stint as a front-end developer (which I really liked, and consider the best professional moments I had) and now I’m back as a freelancer and trying to make my way into the gamedev world.

This blog is about me, my adventures in code land and about my Love for my fiancée, Glauce ♥, since it’s my main motivation for everything!

For now, this profile and blog will stay like this, but I plan on juicing things a bit more in here. For now, here’s a donut: